Dead Plants Must go!

In the beginning of the growing season, I really was looking forward to growing some Cucumbers. Well…. I think my choice of cucumbers was a bad one because as soon as it was put in the ground…it died. So right from the bat I was paranoid that my soil was bad and my garden was doomed. But I kept a positive mindset and figured I would see how it went. Well. Its now mid June and my first few tomatoes are starting to ripen and change their colors, and my cayenne peppers are starting to turn red as well. Its really my most successful garden I’ve had yet. I’m quite excited. I also have some potatoes that I was not expecting to have, but no complaints here! I was finally able to get some tomato cages for my tomatoes, as well as a new bell pepper plant ( with a pepper already on it even!) And if I were to actually think and plant some onions, I would have liked to plant but I just never did. With how many wild onions my mother seems to get in her yard, I honestly doubted that it would have been an issue anyways.

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Garlic Shrimp Scampi

I adore Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi. Like, I’m addicted to it. I would buy that stuff in buckets if I could. So when my mom mentioned “shrimp scampi” the other day, I was like “hmm. That sounds pretty darned good” so, in the end we wound up buying the ingredients to make it. The only ingredient I was hesitant about adding was the white wine. I’m not a big wine person, weather its drinking it or cooking with it. About the most I’ve done with it is put some steaks in some red wine to marinade (And it makes the best marinade let me tell you what)


Back to the Scampi though. The first step is to peel and devain the shrimp. I personally prefer using raw shrimp, since thats what they do in the restaurant, but I don’t see why precooked shrimp wouldn’t work. Just be careful not to overcook them. Nobody wants or deserves rubbery shrimp. Accept for maybe your enemy. Here is the recipe I used:

1lb of shrimp

1Tbs Olive Oil

2tbs Garlic, Chopped

1 ½ cups White Wine ( I used Chardonnay)

½ fresh lemon

1 tsp italian seasoning

1tbs Parsley

½ Parmesan Cheese (refrain from eating it as best as you can)

Add Olive oil and cook shrimp. Remove shrimp and set aside. Add garlic and cook 2-3 minutes. If garlic starts to turn brown you cooked it too much. If it cooks too long it gets better. We don’t want that. Add wine and lemon and cook until wine is reduced by half. Add Italian Seasoning and reduce to low and add butter. Add shrimp again and sprinkle with cheese.


Now, changes I will be making for my batch with my family, is I’m going to reduce the amount of wine, and I will not be adding the Italian seasoning. We also like adding noodles to our scampi. I just like the way it tastes.

And thats it! Its really that simple, and so delicious. Normally with pasta I have a crap ton left over, but not this time! I had enough for lunch the next day for my daughter.

Totally Awesome Cleaner

So part of being a housewife does have some boring parts to it. For me, the cleaning. I get that it needs to be done, but I hate spending so much money on cleaners. I’ve always felt like you didn’t need to, so I’ve been experimenting with stuff from the dollar store. Before, my mom went on a website where she won the ability to try a product called Krud Kutter. It worked great on things, but then I noticed on a trip to walmart one day, that it was close to $7.00 for a bottle of it! I was sure surprised! There had to be something that was more affordable that would work just as good. I just had to keep my eye open.

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My Garden Update


Since I last posted about my garden, I pulled some taters that were ready. They turned out to be really tiny, but hey, its my first harvest! I can’t expect too much out of it. I’m not going to become fabulous overnight or anything. But I have around 5 peas that are on my plant growing, one that I don’t think is in the best condition that will probably be used for a stock, or I’ll give it to Elizabeth Guiana pig Lilly.

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Mothers Day Chicken

Yesterday being mothers day, men everywhere were cooking breakfast, lunches and dinners for the mother of their children, or sometimes their own mothers. In my case however, we tried to invite my mom over for dinner because my husband makes the best chicken on the face of the earth. We don’t cook whole chickens very often because of how time consuming they are but after last night, his chicken made me want to just cook them more often anyways!

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Broccoli Beef

Chinese food has got to be my favorite type of food. And honestly, I think I have more of a veggie intake when I do consume Chinese food. As a kid, my family used to go to a local Chinese place called “Lims Cafe” as a kid. That was the ONLY Chinese restaurant we would go to as well. Eventually, due to my dads diet that became the only restaurant we would go to as well. As much as I loved it there, not being able to go ANYWHERE else was kind of old.

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The MacGyver Purse

Recently, I felt like my sewing skills had gotten better, so I tried my hand at inventing a purse. I am a little like my grandmother in the aspect that she can see something and get a good idea on how to do it if not entirely do it better and different. Its a jean purse, and it had a cute little scarf in the belt-loops for decoration. It was so adorable! I figured I would just use an old pair of pants that were too big to make it with.

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Tip-Toe Through my Garden

As a little girl, whenever we visited my grandparents, on either side really, we always ate out of the garden. My mom and grandma would pick veggies and fruits, and my mom would putter in the garden with my grandmother. She adored her plants. Her yard was both child friendly AND beautiful from what I remember. The days the cancer sapped her energy really killed her. But she sill found a way to at least be in her garden and embrace its beauty.

This is my Cayenne Pepper plant 

In the days of city living, and how easy it is to by produce weather at a farmers market or in a normal grocery store, its so easy to acquire people forget about the pleasure one gets from doing the work to put in a garden, and enjoying all the fruits of your labor. There is really nothing more rewarding than planting a garden, and watching it grow with your care and loving.

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Taco Pasta

Tonight for dinner, I found a recipe on-line that involves my two most favorite meals. Pasta and Tacos. Its called Taco Pasta. It involves really basic ingredients and it doesn’t take long to make at all. I don’t have all the ingredients for classic tacos but I had all the ingredients for Taco Pasta (including the cheese for once too!)


1 Lb Ground Beef

8oz uncooked Pasta (elbow or Rotinni, I’m using Elbow)

1 Can corn

1 can tomatoes

1 ½ cups of water

1 Cup shredded cheddar cheese

1 package taco seasoning (aprox 2 tbsp)

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