Simple Tote

When I was a teenager, in my big sewing times. I got good at making these cute tote bags. They were rather basic but had the potential to become rather complex, which is what I enjoyed about it. At first I struggled with the whole cutting the pattern, and remembering how all the steps went, but then It got to the point where I could easily make them at home. So, I did.

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Welcome fellow Crafters!

Recently, I was a working mom, going to college, while also trying to start a business and be crafty. That was the life I lived for the last 3 years. The reality was though, that I didn’t have time for anything but work, and homework. Once I was all done with that the last thing I wanted to do was craft anything! Yes it interested me but at the same time I was so tired I just wanted to relax with my husband.

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